Orificemeter Apparatus

Orificemeter Apparatus for Educational Laboratory.

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Orificemeter Apparatus

The apparatus consists of a pipeline containing a Orificemeter. The pressure tapings from the Orificemeter to differential manometer to measure pressure difference. By operating the valves provided at the downstream the flow can be regulated.

Present set-up is self-contained water re-circulating unit, provided with a sump tank and a centrifugal pump. Flow control valve and by-pass valve are fitted in water line to conduct the experiment on different flow rates. Flow rate of water is measured with the help of measuring tank and stopwatch


  • To determine the co-efficient of discharged through Orificemeter.
  • To measure discharge through Orificemeter as flow meters

Utilities Required

  • Electric supply 0.5 kW, 220V AC, Single Phase
  • Water supply Tap water connection �” BSP Distilled water @ 60 liters (optional)
  • Floor Area with Drain facility