Pipe Friction Apparatus

Pipe Friction Apparatus for Educational Laboratory.

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Pipe Friction Apparatus

The experimental set-up can be used on its own or with the Basic Hydraulics Bench. A supply of water is all that is required for operation. The unit is suitable for measuring pipe friction losses for laminar and turbulent flows. The experimental set-up is clearly laid out on a training panel. For investigations on laminar flow, a head tank is used for the water supply, whilst for turbulent flow, the supply is provided via the Basic Hydraulics Bench directly (or the water mains). The water flows through a pipe section, the flow is adjusted using reducing valves. The connection to the required measuring device is made via pressure tapings.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Measurement of the pressure loss for laminar flow

- Measurement of the pressure loss for turbulent flow

- Determination of the critical Reynolds’ number

- Measurements using a tube manometer

- Measurements using a mercury U-tube manometer


1.  Experimental set-up for the investigation of pipe friction, for use with the Basic Hydraulics Bench

2.  l x w x h 1100x640x900mm, 40kg

3.  Head tank, pipe sections incl. threaded fittings and connections, plus 2 pressure measuring devices on powder coated base plate

4.  Double tube manometer 370mmWC

5.  Mercury U-tube manometer +/-270mbar

Technical Data

Measurement section 400mm, di=3mm

Raised tank volume: 5L

Measuring range

- U-tube manometer: +/-270mbar

- tube manometer: 2x 370mmWC

Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h: 1100 x 640 x 900 mm

Weight: approx. 40 kg