Pitot Static Tube Apparatus

Pitot Static Tube Apparatus for Educational Laboratory.

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Pitot Static Tube Apparatus

The Pitot Static tube apparatus consists of two tubes called Stagnation pressure tube and the static pressure tube. The difference of pressure between two indicates the dynamic pressure, which is a measure of the velocity of the flow.

Pitot and Actual velocities are calculated to find out Calibration factor Cv The apparatus has Clear Perspex channel helping students understand theoretical concept


    Pitot tubes: Static and Stagnation Pressure tubes
    Acrylic pipe Section: 25 mm ID
    Input Tank 150 X 150 X 500 mm
    Sump tank capacity : 75 litres MOC: SS-304 with Matt Buffing
    Measuring tank : 35 litres MOC: SS-304 with Matt Buffing
    Pump : Monoblock type, 0-60 litre/min, Motor 0.5 HP
    Piping with necessary Valves and Fittings
    Digital Stop Watch with 1/10 second Accuracy
    Detailed Technical Manual and On-site Training