Portable Wheatstone Bridge

Portable Wheatstone Bridge for Educational Laboratory.

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Portable Wheatstone Bridge
This Wheatstone Bridge is designed to afford maximum convenience for a wide range of resistance measurement without the need of external accessories. The resistance coils in ratio & series arms are made from non-inductively wound and aged best quality manganin wires having negligible effect of ambient temperature variation, for long term stability. Switches used in this instrument are of self cleaning type having very low contact resistance & long life. Taut band suspended galvanometer is provided for null detection. Built-in dry cell batteries can be easily replaced. Battery ON/OFF & test keys are provided on the instrument panel.
Measures resistance from 1 milliohm to 11.11 mega ohms.
Use of series arm as Decade Resistance Box.
Lead resistance compensation provision for measuring low value resistances.
Higher sensitivity by using external galvanometer.
Use of additional power supply possible.
Detection of cable fault by Varley Loop Test method.
Batteries easily replaceable.
Separate use of built-in Galvanometer