Power Supply 5 KV E.T.H.

Power Supply 5 KV E.T.H. for Educational Laboratory.

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Power Supply 5 KV E.T.H.

Specification:Output 100 to 5 KV at 3 mA continuous. Fully floating EHT circuits suitable for operation of spart, counters, discharge tubes etc. Provided variable output upto 5 KV. The EHT circuit are fully floating so that certain experiments the positive or negative terminals may be safely connected to earth. .
The EHT output are taken from 4mm sockets and displayed on a 0 to 5 KV meter. Also on the front panel are a mains switch and indicator lamp. The main fuse is mounted on the back panel. In a robust metal case with feet, mains cable fitted by moulded connector. Cable and connector removable for storage. Workable on 220V 50 Hz.