Precision Pressure Gauge Calibrator

Precision Pressure Gauge Calibrator for Educational Laboratory.

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Precision Pressure Gauge Calibrator

    Portable, self-contained dead weight precision pressure gauge calibrator.
    Calibrates gauges 1-300 bar range to ±0.015% of reading.
    Supplied complete with laboratory calibration certificate.
    Includes carrying case and weights.
    Minimum standard weight increment is 0.05bar.


Deadweight testers are the basic primary standard used both world-wide for the accurate calibration of pressure gauges, pressure transducers etc.

The equipment is self-contained and portable, so it may be used in lecture theatre demonstrations or as a master calibrator for the laboratory.

The instrument combines a low and high pressure range provided by two pistons of different effective area.

Calibration is accurate to within ±0.015% of reading. A laboratory calibration certificate is supplied for each piston together with a traceable certificate of overall accuracy.

The pressure in the system is produced by means of a capstan operated hydraulic ram, balanced by a dead weight acting upon a piston of known area. Oil is used as the hydraulic fluid.

The pressure developed is applied to the gauge that is to be calibrated.

A spirit level and adjustable feet are provided to enable the operator to level the instrument. A flotation indicator mounted on the top plate removes the guess work when floating the piston.

The instrument is supplied complete with necessary weights and a fitted carrying case. 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ BSP and NPT female adaptors are included together with spare seals and a quantity of oil. (Gauge not supplied).