Pressure Measurement Devices

Pressure Measurement Devices for Educational Laboratory.

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Force Size Gadgets

This equipment is designed to introduce college students to 4 common kinds of force

dimension gadgets:

    U- Tube Manometer

    Inclined U Tube Manometer

    Vaccum Gauge

    Drive Gauge


    Field Dimensions: 800 X four hundred X 1600 mm

    U- tube manometer : 300-zero-300 (Mercury crammed)

    Inclined Tube Manometer: 250-zero-250 Inclined Limb (Mercury Stuffed)

    Bourdon Kind Drive Gauge

    Bourdon Sort Vacuum Gauge

    Massive Syringe to Display Working of Every Software

    Piping with vital Valves and Fittings

    Certain Technical Handbook