Propeller Turbine Demonstration Unit

Propeller Turbine Demonstration Unit for Educational Laboratory.

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Propeller Turbine  Demonstration Unit

    Self contained, small scale hydropower unit designed to demonstrate the operating principles of a propeller turbine.
    75 litre water reservoir.
    Circulating pump which produces 14m head at 4.4 litres/second.
    Loaded by a magnetic brake unit which is controlled direct from the PC
    Links to a PC via a USB interface.
    Electronic sensors monitor process variables.
    Supplied with full education software package including comprehensive results processing and help facilities.


The Propeller Turbine consists of a framework base which houses a large water reservoir and a circulating pump. A stainless steel top supports the turbine itself and a dynamometer assembly The propeller itself is housed in a clear acrylic pipe to allow maximum visibility of the workings. The unit incorporates a paddle wheel type flow meter and a pressure sensor to measure the inlet condition of the water. The dynamometer module incorporates a magnetic type brake which applies load to the turbine. The level of braking is controlled directly from the software. A load cell measures the braking force, and hence the power, and an optical sensor measures the rotational speed of the turbine.
Technical Specification:

    Maximum Power: 55W
    Maximum Speed: 8500rpm
    Maximum Torque: 0.60Nm