Ray Optics Kit

Ray Optics Kit for Educational Laboratory.

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Ray Optics Kit Specification: Specially developed kit, of components, to enable students perform a number of experiment in ray optics. Students can demonstratively investigate linear propagation of light rays, focusing by cylindrical lenses, focusing of multiple rays showing aberration, law of reflection, refraction in water, prisms etc. etc.
The kit comprises of 2 lamps and stands, 1 pair of housing shields, 2 combine single and triple slit plates, 2 multiple slit combs, 2 holders for combs and slits plates, 4 wooden light barriers, 4 plano cylindrical lenses + 7D, 2 plano cylindrical lenses + 10D, 2 plano cylindrical lenses + 17D and 2 plano cylindrical lenses – 7D.