Reaction Turbine Demonstration Unit

Reaction Turbine Demonstration Unit for Educational Laboratory.

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Reaction Turbine Demonstration Unit

    Small scale hydropower unit designed to demonstrate the operating principles of a reaction turbine.
    Horizontal shaft and transparent guarding allow excellent visibility.
    Mounts on a dedicated service unit.
    Connects to a PC via the service unit and a USB interface console.


The Reaction Turbine Unit consists of an inlet manifold which supplies water to a central hub. Water exits the hub radially through two square orifices. The hub is connected to the manifold using a graphite face seal. The turbine is mounted on a horizontal shaft with a clear acrylic splash guard to allow maximum visibility of the workings The unit incorporates a pressure sensor to measure the inlet condition of the water. This pressure can be accurately controlled using the software supplied with the service unit.

    Maximum Power: 25W
    Maximum Speed: 8000rpm
    Maximum Torque: 0.12Nm