Recirculating Air Conditioning Unit

Recirculating Air Conditioning Unit for Educational Laboratory.

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Recirculating Air Conditioning Unit

    Comprehensive Air Conditioning teaching system, complete with initial heating stage, humidifier, chiller/dehumidifier, final heating stage, climatic chamber with window, return duct and adjustable recirculation.
    Transparent conditioning duct (200mm x 200 mm) for complete visibility of the process
    Computer controlled via USB interface, with complete educational software including data logging, graph plotting with real time updates, mimic diagrams, data export
    Educational software, replicating the psychrometric chart calculations
    Six sets of Temperature and Relative Humidity measurements at the various stages of the process
    RH sensors come with calibration values which can be entered into the software for best accuracy
    Electronic flowmeters (2) measure the flow in each duct
    Measurement of refrigerant pressures, temperatures and flow
    Dual control of boiler setting with a fast heat up setting and a gentle setting for control


    Transparent Duct for full visibility of the process and the components
    Includes pre-heaters, humidifier, chiller/dehumidifier and reheaters
    Fully instrumented, with temperature and Relative Humidity sensors at every stage of the process, plus an air flow sensor.
    RH sensors calibrated for maximum accuracy.
    Suitable for both vocational training and for rigorous academic analysis of the thermodynamic principles involved
    Fully computer controlled with real time data logging of results.
    Capability of using PID control for preheat, humidity and reheat allows stable conditions to be set up for investigations.

Technical Details:
Item     Value
Duct Size     200mm x 200mm
Air speed     variable to > 1m/s
Preheaters     400W
Final Heaters     200W
Refrigerant     R134a
Boiler Power     2KW nominal
Chiller Power     500W nominal
Chamber Volume (RA3)     230 litre