Reynold’s Apparatus

Reynold’s Apparatus for Educational Laboratory.

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Reynold’s Apparatus
(Laminar And Turbulent Flow Visualistion)

Available In Both Horizontal And Vertical Modes

Reynolds’s Number is a dimension less number used by engineers to determine type of Fluid Flow and testing on scale down models of airplanes, ships etc.

Apparatus consists of a constant head tank and a small tank. The constant head tank has a horizontal/vertical transparent tube with a and a flow control valve at the discharge side. The velocity of water is varied by the flow control valve. When the dye is introduced then laminar or turbulent nature of the flow can be visualized.


    Sump Tank : 500 X 400 X 200
    Flow Pipe length: 700 mm
    Measuring Flask: 1 litre
    Dye Material : Potassium Permangante
    Pump : Submersible type
    Piping with necessary Valves and Fittings
    Digital Stop Watch with 1/10 second Accuracy
    Detailed Technical Manual and On-site Training