Ripple Tank

Ripple Tank for Educational Laboratory.

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Ripple Tank

The Ripple Tank Apparatus is a device to illustrate the laws of wave phenomenon-using ripples on the surface of water as the prototypes of all transverse waves. Ripple Tank Apparatus illustrates important wave motions like rectilinear and circular. Ripple Tank Apparatus can also demonstrate refraction, diffraction and interference of water waves. Ripple Tank Apparatus is supported by four legs having leveling screws. Size of the tank is 595x510x70mm supplied complete with rippler assembly, two straight obstacles 130mm long, one straight obstacle 40mm long, curved reflector 200mm radius, transparent refraction plate, wooden wave roller, one pack of rubber bands, water dropper, sponge, illuminator, hand stroboscope and suitable power supply. Ripple Tank Apparatus is supplied with instruction manual.