Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer for Educational Laboratory.

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Rotary Dryer

The set-up is designed to demonstrate and stimulate the moisture removal by heat under forced draft action created by hot air stream and shower of moist solid due to rotary action of dryer drum.

The set-up consists of a long cylindrical shell slightly inclined towards the outlet rotating at low RPM. Counter current hot air from blower passes through heating chamber to produce hot air works as the drying agent entered from one side of the rotating shell and leave from other side removes the moisture from the moist solids. High moisture content feed enters from one end of the shell and low moisture content product discharges from the other end of shell. As the shell rotates internal flights lift the solids and shower them down through the interior of the shell. This action increases the contact of wet solid against hot-air making the dryer very effective.

An arrangement is made to vary and measure the airflow rate. A digital temperature controller is used to control and measure the temperature of air stream