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BOD Incubator

It is useful in the biological laboratory factor the preservation of vaccines, such as insulin and liver extracts a* 15°C for serological and complement fixation tests at low temperatures, forenzymatic digestion process and in the physical or chemical laboratory for general low temperatures use fitted with CFC free Eco friendly compressor. Triple walled fitted with cooling and heating systems, insulation 75 mm thick glass wool, inside walls are of anodized aluminium or stainless steel. Outside of mild steel, finished with attractive enamel. Mounted on castor wheels. Full view inner glass or Perspex door. Temperature range 5 to 50° C, sensitivity and temperature uniformity upto (+- 0.5 C to 1° C). Forced air circulation ensures uniformity of the temperature by two separate motors, one for cooling and the other for heating. Controlled by digital temp: controller cum indicator. Suitable to work on 220 Volts A/ C, 50 cycles