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Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

1. The instrument adopts a high precision temperature sensor and a high performance A/D converter, so it us precise.

2. It uses a microprocessor to form the intelligent temperature controlling system, so it can accurately control temperature in high accuracy.

3. It can print out test data automatically. It is automatic and it is easy to be operated.

Technical parameters

1. Heat capacity: 14000~15000J/K.

2. Temperature measurement range: 10 ~ 35℃.

3. Temperature resolution: 0.001 ℃.

4. Repeatability error:  ≤0.2 % (Grade C).

5. Endured pressure in oxygen bomb: 20 MPa.

6. Operation environment temperature: 15 ~ 28℃ (Ambient temperature); Temperature fluctuation is not more than 1 ℃ during a test.

7. Ambient humidity: less than 85%.

8. Power supply: AC 220V & plusmn;5%, 50 Hz