Ships Vibration Test Model

Ships Vibration Test Model for Educational Laboratory.

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Ships Vibration Test Model

    Apparatus designed to enable students to investigate a simple model hull form for resonance phenomena.
    The apparatus comprises an experimental model hull, a rigid supporting frame, a vibrator (complete with signal generator and power amplifier) and an optional Flotation Tank .
    The experimental model is flat bottomed, wall-sided and open topped. It has an elliptical plan form.

- Length to beam ratio 8:1
- Length to depth ratio of 12:1

    Used to demonstrate the principle phenomena associated with ship resonant vibration.
    Can be used to investigate resonance phenomena in both air and water.

Capabilities :

-Investigate model characteristics of a simple suspended ship shaped box girder
-Produce a resonance curve .Produce the amplitude curve of a 2-node and 3-node flexural model
-Illustrate the influence of mass and its distribution upon natural flexural frequencies
In water to:-

-Measure the influence of added virtual mass on natural frequency
-Illustrate the effect of the addition and distribution of sand ballast on the natural frequency
-Calculate the added virtual mass by different methods and compare with experimentally measured influence using a Schlick-type formula