Solid Liquid Extraction Bonnoto Type

Solid Liquid Extraction Bonnoto Type for Educational Laboratory.

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Solid Liquid Extraction Bonnoto Type

The setup is designed to demonstrate principles of extraction in a Bonnotto type extraction column. It consists of a SS column, feed tank with heating arrangement, receiving tanks and piping. Rotameter is provided for flow measurement.

The column is divided into multiple stages; each stage consists of a plate and a mechanical agitation section. The circular plates are arranged one above the other in opposite radial opening, yield higher extraction efficiency than conventional packed column.

The solids are introduced at the top through a hopper spread over the top plate and pushed to slot to fall to the next plate below and so on to the bottom of the column. The solvent is introduced near the bottom of the column and it flow upward counter-currently to the solids. A pump supplies the solvent and flow rate is monitored by means of a Rotameter. At the bottom of column a screw conveyor arrangement is done to remove the extracted solids driven by means of an electric motor. Solvent feed tank is kept in a bath fitted with heater. A digital temperature controller is used to control and measure the temperature of feed