Sonometer Wooden

Sonometer Wooden for Educational Laboratory.

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Sonometer Wooden

A hollow wooden sounding box 1140x125x100mm (length x width x height) provided with scales divided in mm between bridges over which the wires are stretched. To one wire a spring balance reading 100Nx5N is fitted and the tension exerted and measured can be finely adjusted by wing nut, which bears against a plate at the end of the apparatus. Another wire passes over a pulley and can be loaded as desired. A third wire is provided from comparison, its tension may be adjusted by means of a wrest pin. The wires supplied are of steel. The distance between the fixed bridges is 720mm. Complete with three movable bridges wrest-pin key and a set of four wires, length 1.5mt of 20, 22, 24 and 25swg. Supplied without weights