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Spectrum Tube Power Supply for Educational Laboratory. Product Name
Spectrum Tube Power Supply Specification:
Spectrum Tube Power Supply (Code - SKU-IELAB020006): Spectrum Tube Power Supply

A specially designed high quality spectrum tube power supply, designed keeping in view user’s safety in mind. Complete assembly is housed in a sturdy and durable, pillar type sheet metal casing with indicator type ON/OFF switch and captive mains cable. All the connecting sockets are fully shielded to prevent electric shock. A pair of highly insulating, moulded plastic sockets are fitted – one near the top and other near the bottom to hold spectrum tubes firmly, while preventing the user from touching the electrodes. The bottom socket is spring loaded to enable quick and easy changing of spectrum tubes. Black metal panel behind the mounted tube eliminated distracting ambient light and protects tube from breakage. Operates on 220-240V AC, 50Hz.
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