Table Top Centrifuge Machine High Speed-20000r.p.m

Table Top Centrifuge Machine High Speed-20000r.p.m for Educational Laboratory.

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Table Top Centrifuge Machine High Speed-20000r.p.m

Bench Top high Speed Lab Centrifuge with Digital Speedometer, Digital Timer in the range of 0-59 Minutes and Speed Regulator. Maximum Speed 20000 r.p.m. when rotor head of 1.5 ml of 12 tubes is fitted which is part of centrifuge to test the speed.
Heavy duty CRC construction furnished with powder coating.Fitted with well balanced universal motor having long life imported carbons.

Optional Heads at Extra Cost:
Supply completed with dust cover, instruction manual, cord & plug to work on 220 volts 50 Hz A.c.

Technical Parameter
Max Speed     5200 rpm
Motor     Universal Motor
Power     AC 220 V 50 Hz ± 10%
Dimension of machine     L = 415 MM, W = 360 mm, H = 305 mm
Dimension of outer box     510 x 510 x 390 mm
Weight of Machine     21 kg.approx, Weight with box = 23.5 Kg

Optional accessories at extra cost:

Price of above machines are without Rotor Head which can be selected by customer as per their specific requirement at extra cost as under
Rotor Capacity     Rotor Types
16X15 ml.     Swing Out Head
12×15 ml     Swing Out Head
8×15 ml.     Swing Out Head
6×50 ml.     Swing Out Head
4×50 ml.     Swing Out Head
16×15 ml.     Angle Head
12×15 ml.     Angle Head
8×15 ml.     Angle Head
6×50 ml.     Angle Head
4×50 ml.     Angle Head
4×100 ml.     Angle Head
24×15 ml.     Angle Head