Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil for Educational Laboratory.

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Tesla Coil

The spectacular performance of high frequency coil will leave an impression on every student. Light emitting diode glow brightly when held near the coil, a 60W light bulb will light up, harmless spark showers and gigantic sparks can be produced by using two metallic circular discs. Compact version of the classic Tesla design generates high frequency high voltage. An adjustable spark gap controls both frequency and output up to a maximum of over 50000V. We can demonstrate the unusual properties of high frequency electrical phenomena and it develops excitement in students to ask questions related to the science and technology. We can understand many important topics such as transformer, electromagnetism, resonating electrical circuits, electric inductance, capacitance and electrical power transmission. The whole assembly fitted inside a transparent covered acrylic base help to see each and every parts of the Tesla coil easily. It operates on 110 or 220V AC. The whole kit includes with two alluminium plate discs, a lamp sockets with a lamp, a LED, a discharge electrode and copper wire.