Torso Open Back Sexless 17 Part

Torso Open Back Sexless 17 Part for Educational Laboratory.

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Torso Open Back Sexless 17 Part
Description:17 Removable Parts with Open Back , Mounted on a base
Half of the brain, divided along the longitudinal fissure to show internal structures and blood vessels
Eye with optic nerve and extraocular muscles
Right and left lungs showing the bronchial tree and vasculature
Descending thoracic aorta and esophagus
2-part heart showing the atria, ventricles, cardiac valves and section through the ventricular heart wall
Half of one kidney, sectioned along the frontal plane to show the internal structure and vessels
Kidney, urethra and urinary bladder with prostate (removable in 2 parts)
Stomach, showing muscular and vascular structures
Pancreas, duodenum and spleen with vessels and ducts