Twin Centrifugal Pump Configurations

Twin Centrifugal Pump Configurations for Educational Laboratory.

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Twin Centrifugal Pump Configurations

The system comprises 2 identical centrifugal pumps that are connected together via pipes. Manual valves make it possible to switch quickly between series and parallel operation. Manometers indicate the pressure at all important points in the pipe system. The pump characteristics can be recorded. The hydraulic power output of the pumps can be determined.

The water supply and volumetric flow rate measurement are provided. Alternatively,the arrangement can also be operated from the laboratory mains supply.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

· Characteristics of centrifugal pumps

· Pump performance

· Series and parallel configuration of pumps

· Determination of pump capacities


1.   Unit for experiments with 2 pumps

2.   l x w x h 1110x650x700mm, 62kg

3.   2 identical centrifugal pumps

4.   Cylindrical, transparent tank, 20ltr

5.   Pipes and pipe connections made of PVC

6.   Pressure measurement with manometers

7.   230V, 50Hz, 1 phase or 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase

Technical Data

Pump, 700W: max. flow rate: 34ltr/min, max. head 34m

Pressure measuring ranges: delivery side 0…10bar

Intake side: pump 1:-1…1.5bar, pump 2:-1…5bar

Delivery side: pump 1:0…6bar, pump 2: 0…10bar

Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h : 1110 x 650 x 700 mm

Empty weight : approx. 62 kg