Vapour Compression Refrigeration Unit

Vapour Compression Refrigeration Unit for Educational Laboratory.

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Vapour Compression Refrigeration Unit

    Complete refrigeration system enabling demonstration of the vapour compression refrigeration cycle
    Fully instrumented to enable complete analysis of the processes involved and calculation of the changes in performance with operating conditions
    Computer controlled system with automatic recording of process variables using an integral USB interface
    Hermetically sealed rotary compressor driven by DC motor with three phase BLDC variable speed drive
    Compressor speed under computer control with a wide range of operation from 2000 to 4400 RPM
    Real time display of superheat calculations
    Real time display of Coefficient of Performance
    Energy transferred to the evaporator and from the condenser measured independently on the service side of the process
    Measurement sensors include:

– 9x Thermistor sensors measuring temperatures throughout the system
– 2x Turbine type flow meters measuring flow of water through the condenser and e vaporator
– 2x Electronic sensors measuring pressures before and after the compressor
– 2x Bourdon type refrigeration pressure gauges (with scale indicating equivalent refrigerant saturation temperature)
– 1x Variable area flowmeter measuring refrigerant flowrate
– 1x DC Current shunt measuring current to the compressor motor

    Supplied complete with large water reservoir to isolate the process from fluctuations in temperature or pressure in the mains water supply
    Comprehensive instruction manual supplied


    Complete system enabling demonstration of the vapour compression refrigeration cycle
    Computer controlled with automatic recording of measured and calculated variables using a PC
    Hermetically sealed rotary compressor with wide speed range can be varied by the operator
    Condenser and evaporator both use plate heat exchangers with water as the heat transfer medium enabling a full energy balance to be carried out while varying the operating conditions on both sides of the compressor
    Overall performance of the system is calculated and displayed continuously enabling the effect of changes in the system to be evaluated
    Instrumented with electronic sensors measuring temperatures throughout the process, pressure on both sides of the compressor and independent water flowrates through the condenser and evaporator
    Bourdon type gauges indicate the pressure and corresponding refrigerant saturation temperature on both sides of the compressor independent from the electronic systems
    Variable speed pumps supply water at stable temperature and pressure from a large reservoir to the condenser and evaporator eliminating random fluctuations