Venturimeter & Orifice Meter and Rotameter Test Rig

Venturimeter & Orifice Meter and Rotameter Test Rig for Educational Laboratory.

Product Code:

Venturimeter & Orifice Meter and Rotameter Test Rig

1.Mobile, compact, comprehensive, sturdy design
2.Complete instrumentation for experimentation of Orificemeter, Venturimeter & Rotameter.
3.Comprehensive teaching package as optional attachments.
System Description:

The  self-sufficient unit to study the characteristics of orifice meter, venturimeter & Rotameter (Optional). The calibration of these meters can be studied by comparing the calculated flow to the actual flow measured in measuring tank. The Orifice & Venturi is made of clear acrylic material to understand its principle of operation. Venturimeter & Orifice meter is mounted in such fashion that at a time we can select one of them & conduct the experiment. Rotameter is connected in discharge line of pump. Pressure tapings are provided at appropriate location for measurement of differential pressure with Mercury U tube manometer. Flow can be varied by using Bypass valve arrangement in Pump Discharge line. The Test set up of the Trainer can be used along with the Hydraulic Bench.The test set up system will be supplied with orifice meter, venturimeter, rotameter, Base for these unit and all essential accessories.
List of Experiment:

1.Flow measurement using venturimeter, orifice meter, variable area flow meter like Rotameter
2.Calibration of Flow meters.
3.Demonstration of use of different flow meter & its comparisons.
4.Determination of coefficient of discharge for flow meters.
5.Comparison of pressure drops across venturimeter & Orifice meter.
System Components:

1.Centrifugal Pump: ½ hp 230 VAC, 50 Hz.
2.Sump Tank (100Ltrs).
3.Measuring tank with level indicator & digital stop watch.
4.Orifice meter: inlet and outlet diameter 25 mm NB, made of transparent plastic / Acrylic / plexi – glass.
5.Venturi tube: inlet and outlet diameter 25 mm NB, made of transparent plastic / Acrylic / plexi – glass.
6.Rota meter: Variable area with capacity 160-1600 LPH. – Optional
7.Digital Level Switch & Timer (Optional)
8.U tube manometer having graduated screen of height 300 mm approx.
9.Pipe and fittings made of PVC / corrosion resistant plastic.
Operation Maintainance Manual:

Self-explanatory operating maintenance manual will be provided. This will include Theory, operating procedure, and maintenance procedures.
Optional Accessories:

1.Multimedia computer based training package on Flow meters
2.Cut sections of valves & pumps
3.Transparencies & Slides
4.Data Acquisition System for Fluid Mechanics Experiments
Services Required:

1.Electric Supply 230V 50Hz. With proper earthing.
2.Tap Water supply & drainage