Worcester Circuit Board

Worcester Circuit Board for Educational Laboratory.

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Worcester Circuit Board
Enables students to investigate nature and properties of electricity by using simple circuits which are easily constructed on a base board. The connector system uses p.c.b. strips with cut-out sections whose ends can easily be inserted in spring terminals, ensuring low contact resistance and ease of connectlon. The kit consists of :
1 Baseboard, plastic. with spring
terminals and three battery holders.
3 Batteries
10 Lamps 1.25 V m.e.s.
6 Lamp holders mounted on p.c.b.
10 Plain connector p.c.bs.
1 Wire wound potentiometer with
crocodile clip connections
1 Silicon diode
1 Resistor 3.9 ohm 2.5 W
1 pair Leads, red, with crocodile clip
at each end
1 pair Leads, black, with crocodile clip
at each end
1 pair Leads, yellow, with crocodile
clips at each end
2 Switches mounted on p.c.b.
2 Soft iron nails, 5 cm long
2m Bare copper wire, swg 20
2m Bare eureka wire, swg 34
2m Plastic covered copper wire
1 Electrode support
10 Pencil lead electrodes
1 Sheet copper foil, 150 mm square
1 Pack Steel wool
1 Instruction manual in English.