York Scheibels Extraction Column

York Scheibels Extraction Column for Educational Laboratory.

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York Scheibels Extraction Column

The setup is designed to demonstrate principles of extraction and mass transfer operation in a YORK SCHEIBEL’S column.

The set up consists of a glass column, feed tanks, air regulator with pressure gauge, receiving tanks and piping. Rotameter are provided for flow measurement.

The glass column is divided into multiple stages; each stage consists of a woven wire mesh (calming) section and a mechanical agitation section. The agitator speed can be varied by drive. The presence of alternatively agitating and calming sections yield higher extraction efficiency than conventional packed column
Experiments :

    Determination of overall height of a transfer unit and overall volumetric mass transfer coefficient

Features :

    Stainless Steel tanks and wetted parts
    Special arrangement for changing height of interface zone
    Continuous operation
    Superb Painted structure
    Simple to operate & maintain
    Compact & stand alone set up