Youngs Modulus Economical

Youngs Modulus Economical for Educational Laboratory.

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Youngs Modulus Economical

Useful for studying the relationship between load applied to a wire and the resulting extension i.e., Young’s modulus of elasticity of the wire material. Can also be used for comparing elastic moduli of two different wires. Two thick sheet metal strips with clamping screws at the top for wires and metal hooks for the loading masses, are mounted in a rectangular plate, parallel to each other. The plate has a scale 0-40 × 1mm along with a movable Vernier of LC 0.1mm, attached to one of the metal strips. Also included is a ceiling clamp with a pair of wooden screws for suspending wires from the top and can be attached to a convenient overhead beam or door frame etc. supplied complete with a tension weight and a set of two wires – 1 each of brass and steel.